Podiatry for kids and adolescents

Areas or Concerns

Looking at wether your child is at risk of a foot, knee or hip issue in the future due to flat or unstable feet.
Assess growing pains – which is pain developed as a result of the growth plate not fusing with the bone. Commonly seen in the heel and below the knee cap between the ages of 7-14.
Provide strength, balance and walking training when a child needs to change their biomechanics due to poor movement patterns.
Help parents save money by providing a clear footwear blueprint so they can spend appropriately on the right shoes.


Learn About Steven

Our Podiatrist

As a service our Podiatrist Steven is also an expert at creating and designing custom orthotics for kids as well as adults. He has an extensive experience with not only designing orthotics but teaching orthotic theory and the manufacturing processes of orthotics for Podiatry undergraduates at La Trobe University.

However it should be noted that an orthotic in Steven’s mind is never the first port of call unless your child is in significant pain or well outside the norm of movement patterns and foot posture for their age. Hence rest assured that any foot and lower limb assessment will entail an effective and conservative methodology of treatment.

So keep your child happy, ensure they are running around safely with longevity in mind. And most importantly that the foundations of their movement coming from their feet are well looked after.



Stevens motto towards client are

The ability to simplify complexities and communicate clearly to clients is the most important tool a practitioner can have.

Steven is trained in the following:

  • Gait re-training and Running biomechanics
  • Lower limb PNF release
  • Exercise prescription – Lower limb focused
  • Orthotic design and manufacturing

Steven’s Professional Journey

Steven completed his bachelor of Podiatry in 2011 as well as his certificates 3 and 4 in fitness. Since then he has undertaken a journey in elite sports medicine for 4 years, taught Podiatry undergraduates from 2014 – 2017 and started his own business, Melbourne Sports Podiatry. However, Steven wanted to make an impact to more than just people in sports, so he created the values behind The ACPAC in 2018. His passion as a result has moved into helping not only athletes but also the day to day parent, school kid, desk worker or recreational gym user to attain the same level of care as an athlete without the stigma.

About Steven the person

Growing up in Black Rock, Steven is the eldest of three. A passionate athlete, Steven at a young age represented Australia in martial arts, trained in short distance with Sandringham Athletics Club and played representative football and cricket. Sustaining significant injuries as a teenager including lower back stress fractures, a broken leg and osteitis pubis lead Steven into being a Podiatrist and Personal Trainer to better help himself and others. Currently, Steven still plays premier level cricket and is a running coach.



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