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To become like…

Mr Miyagi in Activewear
Mr Miyagi in Active Wear


The Royals
The Royals


Super Mario
Super Mario


Mr Miyagi in Active Wear

Moving smoothly, running elegantly or gymming in a Mr Miyagi like form while you’re in your super hot lycra is not something that comes easily to most. Your endeavours to look your best (#nofilter) and to feel strong can become incredibly enhanced when someone at the ACPAC breaks down the movement pattern for you.

With a background in Personal Training, Running, Martial Arts, and much much more, ACPACA Steven can help assess, engage and most importantly improve the movements you need to nail in your training. This is so you can get the results that you’re after. (Examples include: Your squat  and lunge technique, running technique, balance and strength)

So gather your inner Miyagi, undo the black belt when you get home, proceed to chuck on the tank, lululemon tights and sock fitting Nikes. Go to your next HIIT workout, football game or gym session and think to yourself, ‘what movements do I struggle with?’ Maybe you already know, or maybe you might realise at the end of the days session that energizing your movement in an ACPAC session will turn that unrewarding salty sweat into a beading glow that emits confidence and skill.


The Royals

You slouch too much. You lean on one leg like 100 times a day, or you may even walk like a duck. Right, well there is an ACPAC saying you should hear then… “energise your posture, energise your life”.

Dear ACPACAS, we are happy for you to hold on to your thongs, shitty flat shoes and high heels. But for heaven’s sake, know what your optimum royal posture is. At the ACPAC, we help you find how to implement good posture into your day to day grind so it can energise your life.

Nothing is more appealing than someone that can hold themselves well. So feel good and look even better by knowing how to live Royal.


Super Mario

The Super Mario or better understood as the “EMPOWER Treatment” is for anyone that understands when playing Super Nintendo, Mario needs to hit the ? box above his head to get the power up mushroom. And for him to move forward in his ambitions to save Princess Peach from the depths of Bowser’s castle, he will need to find many of these ?boxes along the way to safeguard his momentum… Just in case he falls into an unexpected trap, powers down or falls of the edge and has to start all over again.

Dear ACPACAs, learn from Mario.

You may not have to defeat Bowser right now, but you have other big and prickly things to deal with like bills, work, events, trying to beat a P.B etc. etc. that present an ever changing environment for your mind and body to handle.

‘So what’s a ? box look like at the ACPAC?’ you might ask. Well, it’s got nothing to do with giving you mushrooms, that’s for sure. Rather, it looks like a service that entails moving your body through mobilisation quicker than your reflexes can inhibit. This has been shown to re-energise the signals in your body. The practice is known as alpha alignment, a non conventional practice studied by ACPACA Michael. The purpose of this is to realise that stimulating your nervous system is vital in keeping you happy, gaining momentum and driving energy through your body every day, rather than just in short bursts. You will no doubt have challenges this month. But get ahead and feel a level up so you can be like Mario and win the day!




Stevens motto towards client are

The ability to simplify complexities and communicate clearly to clients is the most important tool a practitioner can have.

Steven is trained in the following:

  • Gait re-training and Running biomechanics
  • Lower limb dry needling and PNF release
  • Exercise prescription – Lower limb focused
  • Orthotic design and manufacturing

Steven’s Professional Journey

Steven completed his bachelor of Podiatry in 2011 as well as his certificates 3 and 4 in fitness. Since then he has undertaken a journey in elite sports medicine for 4 years, taught Podiatry undergraduates from 2014 – 2017, and started his own business, Melbourne Sports Podiatry. However, Steven wanted to make an impact to more than just people in sports so he created the values behind The ACPAC in 2018. His passion as a result has moved into helping not only athletes, but also the day to day parent, school kid, desk worker or recreational gym user to attain the same level of care as an athlete without the stigma.

About Steven the person

Growing up in Black Rock, Steven is the eldest of three. A passionate athlete, Steven at a young age represented Australia in martial arts, trained in short distance with Sandringham Athletics Club and played representative football and cricket. Sustaining significant injuries as a teenager including lower back stress fractures, a broken leg and osteitis pubis lead Steven into being a Podiatrist and Personal Trainer to better help himself and others. Currently, Steven still plays premiere level cricket and is a running coach.


Joshua Slade

B.Sc, M.Chiro

Josh’s motto towards client care

To empower people to take control of their own health and wellness and to live life optimally and naturally.

Josh is trained in the following:

  • Diversifed manual technique
  • Saccro Occipital Technique (SOT)
  • Gonstead Technique
  • SD Prtotocol

Josh’s Professional Journey

Josh completed his Masters of Chiropractics at RMIT Melbourne in 2016. Since then he has worked all around Victoria for Todd Clinics, predominantly treating people suffering from acute pain in rural and remote areas. As of this year, Josh has permanently relocated to Cairns to lead a Chiropractic clinic, but flies down once a month to work especially with the ACPAC. His strengths and passions include wellness care, injury prevention and rehabilitation, sports specific training and stress management.

About Josh the person

Josh is originally from the small coastal town of Portland in country Victoria. He played football and basketball at representative levels, and due to the constant stresses on his body he often needed care for injury prevention and rehabilitation. His interest in sports and the body led him to Melbourne. He played VFL for Sandringham, all the while studying his Chiropractics course. Chiropractics has enabled him to provide helpful pain management techniques along with his movement focused health care philosophy.



Michaels motto towards client care

“We tend to just live in our brains and not our body. We need to live in all our mind, body and spirit”

Michael is trained in the following:

  • Alpha Alignment
  • Ido Portal Method
  • Exercise prescription – Spinal and Upper Limb
  • Mobilisation and Manipulation – Full body

Michael’s Professional Journey

Michael completed his Osteopathic degree at Victoria University in 2015, receiving the prestigious award for student of the year from both supervisors and peers. After his degree, Michael sought to study and travel abroad to learn about the wider meaning of health. This entailed studying his Certificates 3 and 4 in fitness, as well as receiving training from one of the most renowned movement coaches in the world, Ido Portal. Returning back to Melbourne at the end of 2016, Michael begun practicing at Richmond Osteopathy full time, while learning the art of Alpha alignment techniques to learn about how to flush the nervous system, as well as its role on the mind, body and spirit.

About Michael the Person

Yes you guessed right, it’s Stevens younger and wiser brother. Michael also represented Australia in martial arts as a junior. Michael continued to excel in sports, representing Victoria twice as a representative cricketer, while playing 1st grade football for Brighton Grammar. However, mobility and flexibility were some of Michael’s biggest barriers in moving further with his sport. From being able to do the sideways splits as a child to not being able to move his hips and spine from lifting heavy weights in the gym, Michael decided to change his training in his early 20’s. He shifted his mindset and completely transformed his body through yoga, functional re-training and osteopathy to help him learn how to move freely again. A bubbly and opinionated person, he is an incredibly driven practitioner and person.



Simon motto towards client care

“Good communication and education are paramount in helping improve the client’s complaint, encouraging active recovery and increasing their understanding to prevent further re-injury from occurring in the future”

Simon is trained in the following:

  • Mobilisation and Manipulation
  • Soft tissue massage and counter strain techniques
  • Exercise prescription
  • Sports taping techniques

Simon’s Professional Journey

Before venturing into the world of Osteopathy Simon had always been involved in the sporting industry. After completing his first degree, a Bachelor’s in information systems, he spent the next 10 years working for companies including Nike, Puma and The Athletes foot. Simon first became interested in Osteopathy after seeking advice for several sporting injuries of his own sustained whilst playing Rugby Union. Simon enjoyed the approach and results Osteopathy offered and pursued a career in the field. He completed his Bachelor of Clinical Science and Master of Health Science at Victoria University. Simon believes every client is unique and that their treatment and rehabilitation programmes should be tailored to fit with their individual lifestyle. Simon has a keen interest in lower limb and shoulder complaints and working in a clinical setting he enjoys helping those people who sustain injuries get back to the activities they love best.

About Simon the Person

Simon was born and raised in Melbourne and played every sport available but somehow ended up with a passion for Rugby Union. It was his own injuries sustained over the years that motivated Simon to return to University and pursue a career in Osteopathy. Simon still plays rugby for the Melbourne RUFC, which he has been a member of for the past 17 years. In the off-season he tries to keep active by playing basketball, cycling, and heading to the gym but will admit sometimes the basketball might be on the PlayStation. Having been through several reconstructive surgeries in his time Simon understands what is needed from both sides of the client practitioner relationship when recovering from injuries.



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