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    Enough worrying.
    We aren’t here just to treat a problem. We are here to work with you to make sure it doesn’t come back again!

About Us


Podiatrist and Leader of the PAC

Why is it that injuries or problems come back?

Generally most conditions are treated within a standardised set of guidelines and protocols because we know specific problems can present similarly across different people. However, once the problem has occurred every individual has a different set of circumstances, goals, finances and designated free time. Hence, the core of what we stand for is ensuring our treatment services, education and advice are tailored in line with your personal circumstances and future goals so you are empowered to take control of your injury or problem.
If you want to be the next Australian Olympian, we have the health professionals specialised to assist you. If you just want to get back to working without pain, we have the philosophy to ensure we provide you with best treatment plan based on your circumstances. This is done by succinctly and clearly communicating what you can do during the treatment phase, as well as what needs to do be done outside of the clinic environment to accelerate your treatment.

Why do we call ourselves the active practitioners?

The ACPAC was built on the premise that for people to get back to living an active life they need practitioners whom have not only treated their specific conditions before, but have experienced the hardships faced when returning back from an injury or condition themselves. All of our practitioners have been picked not only because they are amazing at what they do, but also because they can communicate with people going through the mental, physical and emotional hardships based on their own prior experiences.
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So whether you are returning from injury, wanting to move pain free or are ready to learn more about how to improve your health, our business is here to help you achieve it.




Stevens motto towards client are

The ability to simplify complexities and communicate clearly to clients is the most important tool a practitioner can have.

Steven is trained in the following:

  • Gait re-training and Running biomechanics
  • Lower limb PNF release
  • Exercise prescription – Lower limb focused
  • Orthotic design and manufacturing

Steven’s Professional Journey

Steven completed his bachelor of Podiatry in 2011, as well as his certificates 3 and 4 in fitness. Since then, he has undertaken a journey in elite sports medicine for 4 years, taught Podiatry undergraduates from 2014 – 2017 and started his own business, Melbourne Sports Podiatry. However, Steven wanted to make an impact to more than just people in sports, so he created the values behind The ACPAC in 2018. His passion as a result has moved into helping not only athletes but also the day to day parent, school kid, desk worker or recreational gym user to attain the same level of care as an athlete without the stigma.

About Steven the Person

Growing up in Black Rock, Steven is the eldest of three. A passionate athlete, Steven at a young age represented Australia in martial arts, trained in short distance with Sandringham Athletics Club and played representative football and cricket. Sustaining significant injuries as a teenager including lower back stress fractures, a broken leg and osteitis pubis lead Steven into being a Podiatrist and Personal Trainer to better help himself and others. Currently, Steven still plays premier level cricket and is a running coach.



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When looking at your life right now, without a doubt you endeavour to surround yourself with the people that provide you with good energy and allow you to the most out yourself.

ACPAC- The Active Practitioners
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